• 7th Advanced Engineering Days (AED)

    1-2 July, 2023

    Mersin , Türkiye

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Dear Researchers 

On behalf of the symposium of Advanced Engineering Days (AED) Organizing Committee, we would like to welcome you to the Engineering Symposium. This year, seven th AED will be held on July 1-2, 2023.

The day-long program presents the following opportunities for researchers:

The AED is a global platform that discuss the innovation in engineering science.

We invite researchers from around the world to discuss new ideas.

Receive fruitful feedback from colleagues and faculty members

Increase networking with academic staff

This symposium presents opportunities for participants to establish business or research relationships, and find partners for future collaboration.

This symposium will be in virtual sessions.

The paper to be submitted to the symposium will be in English and a maximum of 3 pages. The presentation will be in English.

The symposium will be free of charge.

AED 2023 is organized by Mersin University Geomatics Engineering Department. Participants registered to AED 2023 will be invited to the online sessions.

Prof. Dr. Murat YAKAR


Res. Asst. Aydın ALPTEKİN

(Symposium Secretary)



Agricultural Engineering

Aerospace Engineering


Aquaculture and Fisheries Engineering

Bioengineering Engineering

Biomedical Engineering

Biostatistical Engineering

Biotechnology Engineering

Cell and Tissue  Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Civil Engineering

Computer Engineering


Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Energy Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Food Engineering

Forest Engineering

Genetic Engineering

Geological Engineering

Geomatics Engineering

Geophysical Engineering

Industrial Engineering


Maritime Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Mechatronics Engineering

Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Mining Engineering

Molecular Biology Engineering

Nuclear Engineering

Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering

Physics Engineering

Polymer Engineering

Thermal Engineering

Textile Engineering

Prof. Dr. Murat YAKAR (Mersin University)

Prof. Dr. İlker Fatih KARA (Mersin University)

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Cihan AYDIN (Bitlis Eren University)

Prof. Dr. Ali Rıza SÖĞÜT (Konya Technical University)

Prof. Dr. Şükrü DURSUN (Konya Technical University)

Prof. Dr. Donato ABRUZZESE (Roma University)

Prof. Dr. Edmönd Höxha (Albania University, Titana Albania)

Prof. Dr. Hysen Mankolli, University of Maryland College Park

Prof. Dr. Erdem KOCADAĞISTAN (Erzurum Atatürk University)

Prof. Dr. Sailesh Iyer (Rai University)

Prof. Spase Shumka (Albania Agriculture University)

Prof. Dr. Nurcan ÇALIŞ AÇIKBAŞ (Mersin University)

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Erdinç AVAROĞLU (Mersin University)

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Khalil Valizadeh KAMRAN  (University of Tabriz, IRAN)

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nida NAYCI (Mersin University)

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Musa ÇIBUK (Bitlis Eren University)

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ümit BUDAK (Bitlis Eren University)

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Beyhan KOCADAĞISTAN (Erzurum Atatürk University)

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Barış BULDUM (Mersin University)

Assoc. Prof. Dr. İskender ÖZKUL (Mersin University)

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Fatih ÜNAL (Mersin University)

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Şenay GÜNGÖR (Nevşehir Hacı Bektaş Veli University)

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lyudmyla Symochko (Uzhhorod National University)

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gökhan AÇIKBAŞ (Mersin University)

Asst. Prof. Dr. Merve Şentürk ACAR (Bilecik Şeyh Edebali University)

Asst. Prof. Dr. Abdulkadir AYANOĞLU (Mardin Artuklu University)

Asst. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Rida Tur (Batman University)

Lect. İbrahim BOZ (Mardin Artuklu University)

Lect. Lale KARATAŞ (Mardin Artuklu University)

Dr. Hakan DOĞAN  (Turkish State Meteorological Service)

Dr. Ahmet Erhan AKAN (Namık Kemal University)

Dr. Fatih ADIGÜZEL (Nevşehir Hacı Bektaş Veli University)

Dr. Cihan YALÇIN (Ministry of Industry and Technology)

Prof. Dr. Murat YAKAR (Mersin University)

Prof. Dr. Cengiz ALYILMAZ (Uludağ University)

Prof. Dr. Semra ALYILMAZ (Uludağ University)

Prof. Dr. Şükrü DURSUN (Konya Technical University)

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Cihan AYDIN (Bitlis Eren University)

Prof. Dr. Erdem KOCADAĞISTAN (Erzurum Atatürk University)

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Beyhan KOCADAĞISTAN (Erzurum Atatürk University)

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bünyamin DEMİR (Mersin University)

Asst. Prof. Dr. Vahdettin DEMİR (KTO Karatay University)

Asst. Prof. Dr. Esra URAY (KTO Karatay University)

Asst. Prof. Dr. Ali ULVİ (Mersin University)

Asst. Prof. Dr. Umut ÖZKAYA (Konya Technical University)

Dr. Hakan DOĞAN  (Turkish State Meteorological Service)

Lect. Atilla KARABACAK (Mersin University)

Lect. Şafak FİDAN (Mersin University)

Res. Asst. Aydın ALPTEKİN (Mersin University)

Res. Asst. Ramazan AKKURT (Mersin University)

Res. Asst. Abdurahman Yasin YİĞİT (Mersin University)

Res. Asst. İrem YAKAR (Istanbul Technical University)

Eng. Engin KANUN (Mersin University)

Eng. Mücahit Emre ORUÇ (Mersin University)

Ali Hamza PEHLİVAN – Governor of Mersin Province
Prof. Dr. Erol YAŞAR – Rector of Mersin University
Prof. Dr. Orhan AYDIN – Rector of Tarsus University

Prof. Dr. Ömer ARIÖZ – Rector of Toros University


  • Authors are invited to submit full papers of no more than three (3) pages including results, figures and references in the format which can be downloaded here.
  • In case of any problem, please contact aed@mersin.edu.tr
  • The paper should be uploaded in doc/ docx format. PDFs will not be accepted. 
  • There is no need to submit an abstract before. You can submit full papers directly. 
  •  If you have a submission problem, please sent as an e-mail your word file to aed@mersin.edu.tr

You need to add all authors’ ORCID IDs in papers. You can create a free registration for the individual ORCID at http://orcid.org

Papers will be accepted only by electronic submission. The link.

Each paper presented at the symposium must be written in English and presentations should be done in English.


18 June, 2023

Deadline for authors to submit full papers for peer review

1 July, 2023

The conference


  • For registration please follow the link. 
  • Each accepted paper should be covered by the registration of one of the paper co-authors.
  • There is not a corresponding registration fee. The participation is completely free of charge. 
  • Accepted papers which are not associated with a registration of one of the co-authors will neither be included in the conference program nor in the proceedings.
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